Isn’t it time you discovered what is really at the root of your health challenges?

Portland chiropractor Norman PricePortland Pro Health Therapies is a unique holistic wellness clinic offering a variety of non-invasive all natural health services to the greater Portland area. Persons of all ages, from infants to the elderly, are regularly benefiting from the services offered in our office. We offer gentle chiropractic care and Bio Cranial therapy, combined with proven natural healing strategies designed to help you achieve your personal health goals. Dr. Norman Price is the only Portland chiropractor offering this unique blend of proven health strategies.  At Portland Pro Health, we take the time to find out the cause of your problem, and we’re not satisfied until you are. Let us introduce you to a different approach that recognizes your uniqueness and individuality and give your body a fighting chance to get better once and for all.

The “3-Minute Miracle”

Portland chiropractor, chiropractor in PortlandIt’s no surprise that Bio Cranial Therapy is referred to as the “3-Minute Miracle”!

This exclusive therapy works with the primary control centers of the body, allowing problems that may not have responded well to other types of body work an opportunity to improve and ultimately resolve.

Since there is no “cracking”, pulling or twisting involved, this life-changing process can be enjoyed by people that cannot tolerate other more vigorous forms of manual therapy. It only takes 3 minutes and can be performed on persons of all ages and conditions.

The secret to true healing lies in releasing your body’s own healing power.

If you’re just beginning your healing journey or have tried other therapies before and been frustrated or disappointed with the results, you owe it to yourself to experience our unique combination of gentle body work integrated with proven natural healing strategies. People who had given up hope have found the solution to their health challenges, including those suffering with debilitating conditions like fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.

Begin your healing journey today!

Your first step is to schedule a consultation over the phone or in person at our office. Just give us a call and set the appointment for a free no obligation consult with Dr. Price. We look forward to hearing from you!

Dr. Norman Price and his staff are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality personalized natural health care in a warm and friendly environment. With a rich life history, Dr. Price is able to focus on treating the whole person, not just their symptoms.


“I highly recommended Dr. Price to any person interested in a non-invasive, intensely deep, and effective therapy. It’s literally life changing.”

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